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Digitalize your internal control process with our intuitive and fully customizable software solution

Using drag and drop functionalities, simply create, move, modify information, fields and rules, with real time updates on all impacted items. This is especially critical when operating in ever-changing environments and organizational systems, where practices and controls must be continuously adapted.

Benefit from all the advantages of a digital tool: collaboration, user experience, security and availability. Digitalization becomes a performance and visibility driver of your function.

A customizable tool for organizing your internal control activities

  • Be autonomous in the contextualization of the objectives and work associated with your internal control activities
  • Easily plan and organize your control plans and specific actions to be implemented, according to the characteristics that are specific to your context and your objectives. The software, based on a no code baseproprietary, adapts to all your requirements and specificities
  • Transpose the management of your internal control activities from Excel to a digital tool. In order to safeguard the handling of all your risks, maintain the flexibilty and customization offered in a spreadsheet while adding all the advantages of a digital tool: collaborative work, ease of use, intuitiveness
  • Modify the structure of the scope of your work without a single line of code : contributors, processes, themes or information that will be useful to you
  • Plan the dates of each stage of your work by associating the description of all the rules and associated elements and navigate in a dynamic planning tool. By definition, each user sees only his own actions. The schedule allows you to filter, zoom, move from one dimension to another in one click, from one notion to a sub-notion
  • Automate notifications and reminders according to your own rules

As part of your internal control work, simplify evaluation and self-assessment exercises

  • Design within the application the structure of youractivity-related tools for evaluation or self-evaluation by contextualizing them
  • Define the modalities of notifications and reminders
  • Send these tools, preferably via web questionnaires, eliminating the need for contributors to connect to the software
  • Automate the evaluation of responses by defining your own scoring tables
  • Control the progress of returns through fully customizable dashboards, with a wide range of output possibilities, including interactive data visualizations

A digital tool to safeguard your internal control work

Get a 360° view on the organization of your internal control work and the results obtained
Consolidate and render in an impactful way the information associated with your business. Whether it concerns the results of self-assessments, information reported by your network of facilitators, or follow-up of completed action plans, ensure that information is reported and shared in a way that is easily understood
Easily update key elements of your business,including your risk maps, repositories, test programs and procedures
Share information, according to the needs and objectives of all involved parties
Encourage collaboration by relying on shared databases, according to levels of authorizations and rights that you can independently modify

Promote adhesion within your company and the building of a common culture of internal control

  • Simplify access to information for each of your contributors, so that each has access to the right information according to his/her role, responsibilities and expectations
  • Customize task assignment workflows
  • Present your key indicators in animated, interactive formats to facilitate the coordination of actions and operations with the other functions dedicated to risk management within your company

What is no code for internal control activities?

No code is a computer development environment which lets you to build a digital solution without the need to program. A visual interface makes it easy to set up the features for the organization and management of your internal control activities. You are autonomous in both designing and updating your software.

Why is no code a performance driver for internal controls?

A no code approach is particularly well suited to the practice of internal control. The personalization of your objectives, your approach, the working method and the implementation of the different steps is indeed crucial for the practice of your activity. You ensure the quality of your work (regarding the scope of involvment, overseeing the network,…) in the initial design as well as the ongoing adapting of your tool. Digitalization becomes a real performance driver for your business and your company.

What is data visualization for internal control activities?

Data visualization facilitates the processing of large amounts of data, which need to be analyzed across multiple dimensions (for example a temporal dimension). You can restore these data dynamically with the further possibility to zoom, filter and/or displace any item. For internal control functionsIt is frequently used in managing schedules and action plans: visualizations by user, theme, phase, investigation, all in a single click… Datavizualisation is also used for all information reporting, for example the heading up of an activity by provinding a real-time work status update targeted to each user’s needs.

Is training necessary to master the tool?

Easy to use, the software has been designed to adapt to internal control activities and has been developed using the same principles of ergonomics and functioning as the applications that you and your colleagues use daily. So, no training is required. Our support team is also available, as needed, to assist you whether in the early stages of getting started or later, for example if you need assistance when you upgrade your tool to accomodate changes in your organization or your internal control process.

What are the security guarantees?

Unlike many other products in the market, our software is hosted in France. The architecture of the solution is totally secure: 2048 bit SSL, OWASP Compliant, ISO 27001 hosting (optional), anti-DDOS system, automatic alerts, server monitoring, redundant systems, two daily backups. To learn more about our CTA security guarantees (security page)

How are the tools you use in your internal control activity able to interact?

Interactions among the different software you use within your organization (process description software, data mining, machine learning and data analysis software, etc.) are possible using an API which allows you to retrieve all important data and information for your internal control operations.

How do we guarantee the reversibility of your data?

We guarantee that all your data will be returned in a standard format that can be read without difficulty.

Is it possible to import existing data?

Any type of data in csv format, flat files, database extractions can be processed. Integration with your information system or external software is possible using an API

The strengths of our offer

  • Give you a global and centralized vision of your activities
  • Increases efficiency in collecting, processing, analyzing and communicating information, thanks to a digital approach and procedures
  • Promote collaboration within your organization and strengthen the quality of your activities

simple and intuitive

The user experience above all else: everything is intuitive, visual, simple and easy to use


No deadlock on security, durability and compliance with your IT requirements


Applications benefiting from continuous innovation, thanks to the 15% of our turnover dedicated to R&D

made in France

Design, development, maintenance and hosting managed in France, between Paris and Nevers


Infinite possibilities for customizing your application, features and ergonomics

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