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Sapin 2 anti-corruption software

An intuitive and fully customizable software solution to support your compliance

Quickly digitilize and document your Sapin 2 compliance with ConformEthics software, developed in partnership with Mazars to meet the requirements of the law and the recommendations of the AFA. The software is fully customizable, to best fit your organization and your specificities.

From collecting and consolidating to analysing and reporting on it, notably in a format the regulator can consult, automate time-consuming tasks, involve all your contributors and stakeholders and keep track of all actions taken.

Reduce deadlines and safeguard your business activity. Communicate about your work in an impactful way. In the Sapin 2 ConformEthics software, developed in partnership with Mazars, everything is designed so that you can easily collect, organize, control, centralize, analyze and present relevant information.

Sapin 2 software

Corruption risk mapping

Corruption risk mapping Sapin 2
  • Create your corruption and influence peddling risk map in an interactive, dynamic way, following AFA recommendations, in particular the 6-step process
  • Aggregate the risk maps inherent to the audited companies into a consolidated map
  • Centralize and store items specified by AFA: copy of exchanges with concerned personnel (calendars, notes, written summaries), method for calculating gross, or residual risks as well as any associated definitions, procedures for identifying and classifying risks, versions of maps presented to management bodies and lastly validations, action plans, minutes of dedicated committees, audit trails
  • Re-evaluate and bring your mapping to life over time

The risk mapping module is delivered with an integrated risk library.

AFA Control Questionnaire

Accelerate and safeguard the inputting of responses to the AFA inspection questionnaire in order to be able to publish a homogeneous document for submission prior to the on-site inspection.

Before proceeding with its inspections, the AFA sends the company pending audit all or part of the questionnaire made public. If there is only ane audited company, administration of the questionnaire is relatively simple. On the other hand, for groups with multiple entities, subsidiaries, BUs, activities that would require different responses from within the group (governance, accounting controls, workforce, etc.), this tool simplifies and accelerates the task for the audited companies

  • Prepare a standard, corporate response
  • Circulate the list of entities that would present particularities
  • Follow-up with them on their progress in completing the questionnaire
  • Validate responses centrally, and handle reminders, without being without being submerged with incoming emails or versions, that could contradictory one another
  • Obtain with just a few clics a structured document that can be sent to the AFA

Assessing the integrity of your third parties

Implement a third-party integrity assessment strategy.

The third-party integrity assessment module acts as a sort of signaling system and automatically highlights which actions need to be taken vis-à-vis third parties

  • Automate your assessment and assignment workflow
  • Integrate a set of fully customizable questions with closed answers. Each answer automatically determines the grading of the third party, which then dictates what actions need to be taken
  • Indicate the applicable procedure and required due diligences to all concerned parties
  • Get a continuously available 360° view of your evaluation system

Everything is customizable to fit your context: evaluation questionnaires and principles of evaluation, third-party categories, evaluation workflow, dashboards and reports.

Accounting control procedures and control and audit system

Identify and highlight controls related to preventing and detecting risks of corruption.

The module accounting control procedures enables you to meet the requirements of Article 17 of the Sapin 2 law, and in particular their interpretation by the French Anti-Corruption Agency.

  • Facilitate the documentation of the various controls associated with the risks in your corruption risk map
  • Formally demonstrate to the AFA that risk X is covered by one set of control procedures in entity A and by another set of procedures in entity B
  • Justify the application of controls
  • Continuously monitor, as Compliance Officer, where and how corruption risks are being addressed and their associated controls
Sapin 2 - Accounting controls - Reporting

Flash Mapping

Sapin 2 Software - Mapping

Rate the potential impact of each risk and prioritize your actions using a flash mapping of corruption risks.

  • Prior to conducting a corruption risk map per Article 7 of the Sapin 2 law, identify a small number of risk areas that will be subject to an in-depth analysis
  • Once the risk of corruption has been mapped, the questionnaire can be used to confirm or refute the results of the mapping across a broader population that the original one

The module includes a questionnaire with around 200 points.

Gifts offered and received

  • Document, centralize and record all operations in a single database
  • Monitor the risk of corruption or influence peddling related to gifts and invitations with visual and dynamic dashboards (by beneficiary, by number of transactions, by type, etc.)
  • If necessary, connect the module with other tools in your organization (e.g. your expense management tool) to avoid double entries
  • Bring to life over time your offer, acceptance rules and task allocation workflows as your gift and invitation risk management policy evolves
Sapin 2 software - Gifts and receipts

The strengths of ConformEthics© software dedicated to Sapin II

  • Get a global and centralized view of your Sapin II obligations through a unique anti-corruption software solution developed with Mazars.
  • Save time in collecting, processing, analyzing and communicating information, thanks to the digitalization of the approach and procedures
  • Promote collaboration and having homogeneous access to the follow-up of regulations as well as a vision on the anti-corruption approach of your company

The fundamentals

simple and intuitive

Everything is intuitive, visual, simple and easy to use


No impasse on security, durability and compliance with your IT requirements


15% of our turnover spent on R&D

made in France

Design, development, maintenance and hosting managed in France


Infinite possibilities for customizing your application, features and ergonomics

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