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Open our data visualization library to unleash your performance

Give life and color to your data with datavisualization, rather than locking it up in cells. Present them in a dynamic and interactive way, no longer processing them in a separate tool from the rest of your business. With dataviz, focus on your business.

Data visualization combined with a business application

Values Associates comes from the world of Business Intelligence where the notions of processing and visual restitution of data are key. Dataviz is a different approach to presenting dashboards or reporting, diagrams or pie charts. It is based on a visual representation of the data, with an aesthetic, interactive and dynamic formatting

  • Avoid multiplying data transfers, wasting time and energy due to the multiplicity of tools used
  • Centralize all your data, documentation and available functionalities in a single application, customized to meet the specificities of your function and your context
Dataviz software - Tour management

Data feedback and operational action

Data visualization
  • Limit the time spent collecting and manipulating data at the expense of analysis and action
  • Rely on a wide range of data visualizations that facilitate understanding of data through simple access to information
  • Make your findings and reports punchy, easy to understand and decipher, useful for each of your recipients, with the whole range of associated features (data consolidation, zooming capacity, filters, dynamic evolution over time,…)

Data visualization for better performance

  • Don’t waste any more time collecting, manipulating, processing data, data sources, whether internal or external
  • Simplify the management and storage of information transmitted in potentially very different formats
  • Link data of all forms and natures, structured (excel, api, databases, …) and unstructured (information known by business experts, collected in the field, documents, photos, …) to decide and act going forward.
Dataviz - Geo-marketing application

Dataviz and business applications: the winning equation

Restitution of data by data visualization tools
  • Gain in performance, with an all-in-one business application, customized according to your context and your uses: it is a tool fed by your data sources, but only the data sources that are useful to you, and all the functionalities allowing you to act
  • Easily and directly access data that is vital to your business, displayed in meaningful and enlightening visualizations so that you can strengthen your analysis and communication. You can alsoaccess all the actions and workflows associated with your activity. Everything is optimized so that you can focus on your core business

Represent and value data to act and communicate

Technically, our solution is composed of a no-code base that can be configured without IT development.

  • In addition to our library of data visualizations, the settings cover the connections with your information system, the interfaces (zoning, wording, content) and the management rules (validation workflows, alerts, business rules, etc.).
  • There are infinite composition possibilities in order to adapt to each context and specificity
Data visualization solution and application

Inject business intelligence into your software

Autonomously create customized data visualizations, according to the challenges of your work and the targeted recipients. Visualization in the form of risk mapping is a case point. These data visualizations are automatically displayed according to the criteria entered by the user (for example, display of all risks associated with the consolidated entities, only display the risk associated with the entity with the highest degree of criticality). Some of your processes require the consolidation of different risk maps carried out at several levels. To do this, our tool lets you identify trends through customizable and configurable data visualization, similar to tools such as Power BI.

simple and intuitive

Putting the user experience first: everything is intuitive, visual, simple and easy to use


No impasse regarding key issues: security, sustainability, respect of your IT pre-requisites


15% of turnover spent on R&D allowing for continuous innovation

made in France

All activities are based in France (Paris & Nevers): design, development, maintenance and hosting


Customizing your application: infinite possibilities for its design, features and ergonomics

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