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An innovative approach, 100% made in France

We have published a proprietary no code software solution thereby facilitating the development of a totally custom application without IT involvement.

Our no code software lets you activate and parametrize a library of functionalities in order to build a customized and data driven solution. This approach is particularly well suited to the challenges of risk management, controls and compliance

A data driven activity?
A business where data is fully integrated into your daily operations

Ultimately, it allows you to act, interact and collaborate within your team and across your organization. It offers you an optimal digitalized employee experience, including optimized data exploitation, for improved performance and efficiency.

A data-driven vision to help you take back control of your data

  • Organize workflow that you can fill in and collect the data you need
  • Reduce time-consuming data handling and processing tasks
  • Consolidate these data in the form of interactive, dynamic datavisualisations
  • Automate the preparation of your reports and findings
  • Communicate about your work in an impactful way

A data driven and collaborative approach

  • Consolidate all the information you need in one tool
  • Organize links with other tools in your ecosystem
  • Ask your contacts for feedback or delegate certain activities to them
  • Combine the optimized use of data with an approach that capitalizes on sharing, exchange and collaboration to transform your business

Do digitalization and a complex professional environment seem incompatible?

Our no code base philosophy is founded on two strong convictions.

  • Users today are much more demanding when it comes to design. The gap between professional tools and mobile applications accentuates this need
  • In their personal lives, they are also accustomed to tools that are mobile, intuitive, easy to use and obtain. They don’t like waiting; information or answers are expected to be available in real time.

Customization and simplicity

Data driven enterprise

These two words underlie everything we do.


  • With our software, using simple parameterization, you can create or modify personalized, data driven business applications which take into account the contexts, uses and data specific to your organization
  • These applications are nevertheless also as intuitive, visual and easy to use as a personal application. The user experience is key

Action beyond data analysis

  • Our applications integrate an extensive libraryof visual and dynamic renderings, leveraging innovations and best practices of the market in the field of data visualization
  • Above all, they integrate your workflows: evaluation workflows, validation workflows, information feedback and consolidation, etc.
  • The digitization of processes combined with the processing and use of data becomes a real performance driver.

Strong expertise in data processing

The starting point: the uses and needs of each user in order to define which data need to be feed into and enrich the application.


Connectors, API, file import, user interface, workflow


Management rules, deduplication, data quality


Calculation of indicators, scoring, predictive


Modeling and repositories


Performance issues


Clearances, computer security


via all stages of collection and processing

Application of data driven data processing

From the understanding your data processing needs to innovation

  • The configuration of your application is based on a structured approach: which path, which activities, which tasks today? You need to go bach to a mechanism using Excel, you need to modidy the existing application… but what? How do you do it? What can be automated? What can be delegated? What can be optimized?
  • Exchanges prior to the configuration often make it possible to imagine innovative functionalities, outside of the initial specifications. Everything is screened for your user experience
Development of data driven data processing application

Optimized project management

  • The management of a digitalization project is often perceived as extensive and time-consuming. We have developed a specific application to manage all the steps associated with your project, from the launch, the co-design workshops, the parameterization, to the production of your application
  • The materials (agendas, workshop and committee materials) are prepared, distributed, presented and enriched by the participants directly within the application. This facilitates the traceability of all the points discussed during the committees. Key project documents are accessible at all times.

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