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Digitalization of audit, control and compliance activities

Digital for transforming your business

With digitalization, you can reduce time-consuming activities related to the definition and monitoring of work programs, action plans, and the collection and consolidation of information.

Delegate tasks within your organization, drive your business in real time with interactive and dynamic reporting, accelerate the creation of your reports and improve the visibility of and the commitment to your business.

The digitalization of your activities is key

When was the last time you changed your working methods?
Among the numerous functions of a company, audit, control or compliance are particularly well-suited for digitalization.

  • By nature, they are by nature cross-functional. They mobilize staff and networks that will be called upon to participate.
  • They require the collection and compilation of increasingly diverse information. Be it to define or plan work in advance, to manage requests for information, to follow up, to consolidate preparatory elements, to manage action plans, to structure and analyze information, to report conclusions or evidence

Two innovative drivers: no code and data visualization

Have you ever imagined that your job would only have positive aspects?

  • Eliminate non-value added tasks and lock in your deadlines. The field of optimization is infinite: work planning, evaluations, self-assessments, management of action plans, submission of work based on real-time data…
  • Dispense with complex work using tools like Excel, tedious emails to solicit the involvement of staff with your company
  • Manage the consistency and homogenization of your work.
  • Build commiyment to your work
  • Increase the visibility of your function within your company

Digitalize to focus on high value-added activities

Contemplate a tool that would do low-level tasks in your place and do them well

  • Simplify the upfront scheduling of your activities or the activities of staff you solicit in other departments using a dynamic schedule. It allows you to navigate, to visualize the contents and the data according to a system of filters. Zoom in, zoom out, investigate, navigate within your schedule as you would within an interactive map…
  • Automate notifications and assignments of tasks, oversee the respect of milestones
  • Accelerate the collection and return of information and evidence required for your business

Digitalize to safeguard your work

Digitization risk management

Your job is to safeguard your company’s risks, but have you ever thought about safeguarding your own?

  • Easily plan activities to be implemented, in line with your company profile, your scope of involvement and/or your methodology
  • Safeguard sensitive tasks and activities in your business by automating alerts and reminders. Save yourself the trouble og manipulating Excel files, compiling documents that have been circulated across the entire company.
  • Simplify evaluation work. If necessary, you distribute web questionnaires that facilitate communication and adherence. You define your scoring rules and evaluation criteria. You manage the rights related to the different steps of your evaluation process
  • Manage the challenges of confidentiality, reliability and traceability of information and data
  • Pilot your activity in real time. A wide range of dynamic visual displays facilitate analysis and communication: you can filter, zoom and navigate easily in a graph. You follow up on the completion of assigned tasks. You can associate actions with recommendations or actors: your tracking table will be updated with real-time data. This way, you always have an up-to-date view of the progress of the work.
  • Quickly consolidate the elements needed for your reports. You generate your reports automatically, according to the format and structure you define.

Digitalize to work in a contextualized way

Rid yourself of Excel – there is life outside of a spreadsheet.

The principles and fundamentals of audit, control and compliance activities are based on a common foundation. However, each organization implements its own risk and compliance management system and processes, taking into account a variety of specificities. Excel facilitates the personalization of each approach and how it adapts to different contexts and particularities. Its use, however, often reaches its limits. That’s where digital comes in.

  • Simply customize your work programs, scoring algorithms and audit or rating criteria
  • Easily define your steps, the people to contact, the deadlines, your rules for evaluation, validation, feedback and consolidation of information, and your alerts
  • Optimize your information collection, validation and retrieval processes
  • Be at liberty to modify, distribute and use your information gathering media (question wording, answer weighting, management of mandatory answers, attachments, etc.)
  • Safeguard the definition of your risk maps, assessments, action plans, indicators, reporting and reports
  • Centralize information in a single tool, with access to structured, up-to-date information
Digitalization and contextualization

Digitalize to foster the commitment of all your stakeholders

Digitization risk management

Acknoledge that your spreadsheet does not excel at fostering exchanges with your contributors and stakeholders.
Exchange and collaboration are central to your cross-functional activities.

  • Simplify everyone’s work with easy access to information and actions to be taken, presented according to their needs.
  • Independently manage display rules for a user or a group of users, read/write authorizationson individual fields, content of filters. Create and administer the content of a view (types of representations and settings) with full autonomy
  • Ensure the consistency of work and information collected
  • Promote collaboration, information sharing, buy-in and commitment

Digitalize to strengthen the visibility of your activities

Have you ever dreamed of being able to follow the evolution of your activity in real time?

  • Facilitate communication about your activities, with an always up-to-date view of your company’s risks and  your work status
  • Simplify the distribution of information with personalized dashboards that are easily accessible, provide an updated vision of the situation and are adapted to each recipient’s expectations. This information can be available online or in any format you define. You can create customized PDF exports by selecting the content to be extracted
Digitalization of business communication

The strengths of our offer

  • Delivers a global and centralized vision of your activities
  • Increases efficiency in collecting, processing, analyzing and communicating information, thanks to a digital approach and procedures
  • Promotes collaboration within your organization while improving the quality of your activities

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