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A 100% French, proprietary no code base for risk and compliance professionals

The principles and fundamentals of audit, control and compliance activities are based on a common foundation. However, as each organization implements its own system, it is important able to rely on software that can be easily and quickly customized

A recent trend in the software creation environment, no code allows to digitalize the activities of a company without having to launch heavy IT development projects, without writing a line of code, without mastering any computer language

Quick customization of your software

No code development has become a major trend in creating application software. It allows you to digitalize a company’ activities without getting bogged down in a massive IT project : no writting of code, no mastering of any computer languages.

  • A no code development approach allows you to develop your digital tool independently
  • The principle is to use an intuitive, easy to use interface which takes into account the specificities of a function, a work environment, a market, an organization
  • Nocode is a strong driver of agility and performance bringing grater flexibility
  • A key benefit: significant development cost savings in the implementation of a business application. Setting up a no code solution base is often completed in days rather than weeks or months

With no code, you have infinite possibilities of parameterization without the need to code

No Code Software
  • Easily transpose your processes and approaches, even the most complex ones
  • Organize the collection of information according to your approach, the scope and the context of your work
  • Create your dashboards: number of panels, choice of data visualization, selection of indicators and analysis tables
  • Define the format of your reports in record time
  • Modify your application with complete autonomy, without computer skills

In our no code solution, everything (or almost everything) is easily customizable

A no-code tool to optimize the organization of your work cycle

  • Create or update tasks associated with your work, such as reviewing and validating risk sheets, assessing third parties, defining and monitoring action plans. You can modify as many tasks as you wish, define which fields should to be filled in and those thats should be read-only
  • Involve the various contributors using a range of features that are easy to use for a non-initiated person (steps, assignment and explanation of work to be done, alerts, notifications, reminders, …)
no-code for the organization of work

A no code approach to simplify information collection

Application No Code
You can easily automate your data collection activities through online forms and checklists. Youi have two options:

  • Option 1 – Set up directly in the application adding the desired fields and defining the associated workflow. Specify which items are mandatory or optional. The configuration interface allows to set up a conditional display of information according to the user’s answers
  • Option 2 – Send requests directly via a web form. Solicited contributors are not required to log in to the application. The data collected via the form can then be used in the application to integrate into the chain of your work and your projects.

With no code, customizing your repositories has never been easier

Manage an infinite number of repositories. Our no code base has been designed so that new fields and new repositories can be added without limit

  • The administrators designated in your organization are autonomous to set up and enrich these repositories, without needing to have specific technical skills. Everything is designed for ease of use. For example, when your risk universes and their attributes change over time, you are autonomous in updating them and creating new ones
  • The solution proposes a tree system similar to the Windows directory principle: the user navigates within the different elements by moving up or down. This allows you to manage recursive repositories that indicate the parent element. The number of levels is therefore unlimited.

Adapt your evaluation and processing rules without writing a single line of code

Tool No Code
  • Transpose your different rules for scoring, risk assessment, impact scales, …
  • Create as many rules and features as you want. For example, integrate as many risk maps as necessary, each with its own specificities. Within the tool, you have full autonomy to easily set up the risk documentation fields. These can be rapidly created, adjusted and deleted in an intuitive way. The fields to be documented can be proposed in various formats including text, numeric, checklist or attachment format, optional or mandatory. They can be conditional. You have no field limits
  • Partition each piece of data to the appropriate users via filters and user rights management features

What is the no code?

In short, no code facilitates the design and scalability of digital tools. Through visual interfaces, simple and intuitive to use, it is possible to quickly develop software from a no code platform, without having to master computer programming. No computer skills are required. No need to know how to code. A user who is not a non-computer scientist can autonomously set up different functionalities, as it is possible today in a tool like Excel.

Is no code, a fashion or a fundamental trend?

Driven by the recent pandemic, remote work has flourished in companies and the digitalization of professional environment is seen more broadly. No code is a major driver of this developments in the software market. Although no code has existed in practice for more than a decade, it is now growing exponentially. Gartner estimates the market to be worth more than $21.2 billion by 2022, compared to a mere $3.8 billion in 2017.

What are the advantages of nocode?

There are 3 main advantages: autonomy, delays and costs.

1 – You have full autonomy to build and evolve your software. You can ensure the digitization of your work method using an “end to end” tool contextualized which takes into account the specificities of your environment.

2- You achieve significant time savings. With no code, you can design and launch a business application generally in less than two weeks. You gain agility and speed.

3 – You can cut the global costs of design, development and licenses by a factor of 10 in projects valued in millions of euros. Fore exemple, the no code management applications that we have developed, in collaboration with our partner Mazars, for meeting the requierements of the Sapin 2 law aare generally priced at less than €10,000/year. For 50 subsidiaries or BUs, the application of accounting control procedures is priced around €600/year per subsidiary or BU.

Why is no code particularly suitable for large accounts?

The in-house development of an, application which takes into account all the specificities of your context and function tends to mobilize resources that are already solicited elsewhere. Whether it’s the IT project manager or development teams, these resources are at grat pains to respond to all incoming requests. This concern is heightened as digitalization becomes more prevelent. Moreover, standard tools, unlike no-code applications, lack the ability to be quickly modified and customized.

Why does no code foster creativity and innovation?

With no code, you can create a digital tool without computer skills, without solliciting a developer, without having to write a line of code. Within companies, it thius foster experimentation and innovative initiatives. Regardless of the function involved, it opens the door to launching and creating digitalization projects that could never have been envisaged in the past.

How do users get started with our no code solution?

We developed our no code solution with our primary objective: to be simple and intuitive. We designed everything to be as close as possible to the operating modes of the applications you use in your personal environment. You don’t need to take time to attend training sessions. Our team will help you to get started with your no code tool. FAQ’s and videos are also available to help you get started.

What are the security guarantees of our no code solution?

The architecture of our no code solution is totally secure: 2048 bits SSL, OWASP Compliant, ISO 27001 hosting (optional), anti-DDOS System, automatic alerts, server monitoring, redundant systems, 2 daily backups. The hosting servers are located in France. The support team, in charge of technical and functional aspects, primarily in our development center in Nevers, is located in France. We garantee periodic security audits of our development projects. In addition, with regard to data protection issues, we guarantee database encryption, access control and authentication, API, RGPD, DPO, SSL, SSO, IP Restrictions. For sensitive accesses, we guarantee the general use of 2FA by opting for a technique other than SMS.

To know everything about our security guarantees

How does you solution interface with existing tools?

Using an API, you to interact with your company’s IS or external tools, such as screening or OCR tools. Optionally, users can connect via SSO so that authentication of the no code solution is transparent and automatic when users are connected to your company network.

Is the reversibility of your data guaranteed on our no code solution?

Your data is returned to you in a standard format, which can be used without difficulty.

Is it possible to import data that already exists elsewhere into the tool ?

It is possible to import any type of data in csv format, flat files, database extractions or integrate them via an API with your information system or external tools

The strengths of our offer

Give a global and centralized vision of your activities
Save time in collecting, processing, analyzing and communicating information, thanks to a digital approach and procedures
Promote collaboration within your organization and strengthen the quality of your activities

simple and intuitive

Putting the user experience first: everything is intuitive, visual, simple and easy to use


No impasse regarding key issues: security, sustainability, respect of your IT pre-requisites


15% of turnover spent on R&D: applications benefit from continuous innovation

made in France

All activities are based in France (Paris & Nevers): design, development, maintenance and hosting


Customizing your application: infinite possibilities for its design, features and ergonomics

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