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United we stand

Our #1 conviction: There’s strength in numbers. And it’s together that we will succeed. That means working hand in hand, both internally and with our customers, in order to earn the trust and respect of all. To be inherently curious, to seek and share in order to spark new wishes in our customers and new ideas in our team. Individual intelligence is only as strong as the collective intelligence it serves.

Staying authentic

Our trademark is to express what we offer with sincerity and commitment, without sales pitches and false promises. For us, being attentive and respectful is key to building a trusting and lasting relationship; to be humble, kind, transparent and supportive in order to develop team spirit. Stay enthusiastic and passionate about what we do.

At the beginning, Paris and Nevers

Between the team in Paris and the team in Nevers, it’s a wonderful story of complicity and complementarity.

Politicians in Nevers have placed digital technology at the center of their plans. It has become a strong driver for local development.

The city’s very active policy has many forms. One of which is the Inkub, a center dedicated to digital companies, located in the beautifully renovated buildings of the former Pittié military barracks in Nevers. In fact, the Values Associates dream team is located at the Inkub.

Distance has never been a barrier

Even before the pandemic, organizing Values Associates in two different locations prompted us to be more agile. Distance has never been a hindrance, on the contrary! It has forced us, from the beginning, to ask the right questions regarding tools, operating methods and organization. In the Must Haves: project committees on Mondays, tech & R&D reviews on Fridays, daily video coffee breaks.

Since then, some of us have moved to other cities… and it works very well.

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