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A fully scalable software solution dedicated to compliance activities

Now what if the Compliance Officer’s job was no longer comply with the good old methods?

While the fundamentals of the Compliance function share a common foundation, compliance management is organization-specific, taking into account its context and orientations. Save time by automating time-consuming tasks. Safeguard your business. Communicate about your work in a powerful way through presentations adapted to each of your stakeholders. Work collaboratively with an optimized user experience.

New generation software to develop your compliance process

  • Centralize the compliance documentation you have created and the procedures associated with it
  • Promote the dissemination of this information by organizing access to it according to individual needs/expectations and by making navigation intuitive
  • Ensure the quality and reliability of the elements made generally available by autonomously defining the methods for updating supporting tools and by independently creating the processes of modification, review and validation of the information
  • Simplify the direction and coordination of your working groups and compliance committees within your organization
  • Manage schedules and requests for information, using all the associated notifications and reminders

A all-in-one software solution to deploy your compliance plan

  • Plan your campaigns by customizing all the relevant elements: objective, calendar, contributors, prerequisites, etc.
  • Centralize your documentation and traceability of information
  • Create or develop evaluation or self-assessment questionnaires, for example regarding the application of your ethics charter or compliance framework
  • Identify more quickly risk areas or non-conformity gaps using a library of impactfull, dynamic and interactive data visualizations

Organize corrective plans concerning your compliance activity and oversee your contributors network

  • Define your corrective plan through customizable compliance action planning and tracking capabilities. Everything is at hand so that the common thread of your work as well as its reporting is fully adapted to your context and your work style
  • Simplify your monitoring and reporting tasks with customizable and easy-to-define visual reports
  • Encourage your interlocuters to adhere to the compliance process and activate your network of contributors using an intuitive, simple software solution which provides tailored information according to individual needs
compliance software - Action plan

Manage your compliance activity and give visibility to your function

  • Get a 360° view of the progress of your work at all times
  • Rely on graphical, animated and interactive representations that give an immediate view of the highlights of your control activities
  • Navigate through a variety of filters and display criteria that make it easy to analyze and communicate key messages

Within the application, document and prepare for the regulators controls

  • Be autonomous in updating the content and formalities that will form the basis of your different findings and reports regarding various compliance issues. Of note, the time to prepare and submit your reports is substantially reduced
  • Define a review and validation process in order to safeguard their dissemination. As an exemple, the module we developed with Mazars, concerning the challenges of Sapin 2 automates the creation of the file that can be submitted to the AFA, per the formalities of the Agency’s questionnaire. Other associated attachments are also managed digitally
Software compliance documentation and regulator controls

What is no code for compliance activities?

No code marks an important turning point in the world of software. Users without any computer skills can independently develop an application. No line of code is required. As a Compliance Officer, you can customize your tool, thanks to its visual and intuitive interface. You can easily configure the features that are useful for your work. With full autonomy, you can update them particularly with regard to regulatory changes, in order to flexibility manage your compliance activities in a way which is perfectly adapted to your requirements.


Why is no code a performance driver for compliance management functions?

With no code, you can customize the way you work and organize your compliance activities as well as those of your various contributors. Given the diversity of regulatory and normative environments, as well as their perpetual evolution, the no code approach is particularly well suited to the specific challenges of Compliance.

Why is data visualization software useful for compliance activities?

For a non-expert, processing large amounts of data rapidly becomes a difficult goal to achieve . Working with Excel tables can be complex and difficult. With data visualization functionalities, you benefit from both a visual and dynamic reporting of data. This approach is particularly well suited to compliance challenges. Using filters and zooms helps simplify communication abound complex issues. They also allow you to navigate according to your investigations and analysis needs.

Is training necessary to master the software dedicated to your compliance challenges?

Easy to use, the software has been developed using the same ergonomic and functionning as the applications that you and your colleagues use daily. So, no training is required. Our support team is also available, as needed, to assist you whether in the early stages of getting started or later.

How are security issues guaranteed?

Our software is hosted in France. The architecture of the solution is totally secure: 2048 bit SSL, OWASP Compliant, ISO 27001 hosting (optional), anti-DDOS system, automatic alerts, server monitoring, redundant systems, two daily backups. To learn more about our CTA security guarantees (security page)

How is consistency ensured with other tools you use in your risk management and compliance activities?

The different software, internal or external, can be interfaced to the software via an API.

How do we garantee the reversibility of your data?

The restitution of all your data is assured in a standard format, which can be read without difficulty.

Is it possible to import data?

Any type of data can be imported in csv format, flat files, database extractions. Integration with your information system or external software is possible using an API.

Discover our applications to become a data driven and performing company
  • Give you a global and centralized vision of your activities
  • Save time in collecting, processing, analyzing and communicating information, thanks to the digitalization of the approach and procedures
  • Promote collaboration within your organization and strengthen the quality of your activities

simple and intuitive

The user experience above all else: everything is intuitive, visual, simple and easy to use


No deadlock on security, durability and compliance with your IT requirements


Applications benefiting from continuous innovation, thanks to the 15% of our turnover spent on R&D

made in France

Design, development, maintenance and hosting managed in France


Infinite possibilities for customizing your application, features and ergonomics

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